About Us

HYPS now has a very small team of volunteers (we are always looking for more dedicated volunteers!) who work tirelessly to help dogs on death row. We now have 2 sides to our organisation: Helping Yorkshire Poundies (HYPS) was started in 2012, where we mainly worked with local stray dog pounds to find rescue spaces for dogs who had served their legal time in council care, and were at risk of being euthanised. We organised rescue spaces for these dogs, and transported dogs all over the country to get them safe!

1) We work closely with stray dog pounds in Yorkshire, visiting often, taking pictures of the strays and working tirelessly to find rescue spaces for these dogs throughout the country. Once a rescue space has been secured, we organise transport for the dog to wherever in the country it needs to get to – often as far as Cornwall!

2) If a rescue space hasn’t been found, and a dog’s time in the pound, if we are able, we take these dogs into our rented kennel spaces or foster homes where we then assess, neuter/spay, administer first vaccinations and microchip before rehoming. We are a strictly no-kill rescue unless on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.

We are now building a great support network and our reputation is growing day by day. We have lots of support on Facebook and, through attending fundraising events around Yorkshire, we are meeting new people so awareness of the work we do is becoming more widespread.

Please spread the word about the work HYPS do!