About HYPS

The organisation was started in 2012 by Amanda Pollard Saville, who became aware of the plight of dogs on death row after losing her own beloved dog and adopting two rescue dogs.  She then started to try to save the lives of other dogs on death row in pounds by placing them into private boarding kennels until a rescue space could be found for them.  She originally started this venture alone, funded everything herself, including boarding fees, vaccinations, castrations and transport costs.  When people started to recognise the work she was doing, offers to help and join Helping Yorkshire Poundies came flooding in and a team of dedicated members was formed.

We work to provide sanctuary, care, protection, treatment and security for abandoned or stray dogs that are due to be euthanized in pounds due to overcrowding and lack of space. We do this through the use of foster homes or emergency boarding kennels, until a forever home or rescue space can be found.  Our activity is based in the county of Yorkshire, but we do occasionally help dogs outside of this area should resources allow it.

Another priority for us is to educate the public about the consequences of unregulated over breeding of certain dog breeds, particularly bull breeds, as these dogs are the ones that are filling up the pounds on a massive scale.  It is estimated that 25 unwanted dogs are euthanized daily in pounds around the country – the majority of them are bull breeds.  For more information, please see the following link:

Thinking of Breeding your Staffordshire Bull Terrier

We now have a great support network and our reputation is growing day by day.  We have almost 1,000 followers on Facebook (link to Facebook) and, through attending fundraising events around Yorkshire, we are meeting new people so awareness of the work we do is becoming more widespread.