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The use of emergency boarding kennels is essential in order to provide a safe haven for dogs on death row. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do.

By sponsoring a kennel, you will be making a direct contribution towards saving the lives of dogs on death row by helping us to provide a safe place for them to go. Your contribution will be recognised by having your name above the kennel door and we will make you aware of every dog that passes through its door – every dog that you helped to save. You will also receive a certificate notifying you of your kennel number and naming you as a sponsor.

You can sponsor a kennel from as little as £10 a month – that’s around 32p a day, or the equivalent of a round of drinks at the bar! Yet you would be doing something you can’t put a price on – saving a life.

Add Gift Aid to your donation by filling in this form after you donate.

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