**ADOPTED** CASSIE – adorable little Lurcher, great with cats and dogs

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Cassie is the most beautiful Lurcher (possibly whippet/collie) who is only around 8 -10 months old and small – medium size (around 11kg). She has a very sweet nature and can be a little shy to begin with, but it doesn’t take her long to show her playful side! She has been fine around children she has met and just loves to have a fuss! She is brilliant with all other dogs and cats and is happily living in a foster home with another dog, but she can growl if the resident dog goes near her when she has a bone or something really tasty (she came to us very skinny and hungry). She is really into food and is a bit of a scavenger, and will raid the bin/ worktops given the chance! Cassie will need a home where someone is around for most of the day, she will whinge and cry if left alone (even at night time), so she would really benefit from getting gradually used to being on her own. She also needs help with housetraining, but is picking this up in her foster home quite quickly. Cassie is great on and off lead and loves her walks and to interact with other dogs, she also travels well in the car. She really will make a fantastic family dog.