Teeny tiny Daisy is a 5 yr old Yorkshire Terrier (with 3 legs!) who is looking for her dream home who understand her quirks. Daisy is an absolute sweetheart, she is very loving and affectionate. She bonds very closely to people and can be very clingy/needy if allowed/encouraged. She is learning to relax in her own company more now. Daisy loves other dogs. BUT! Daisy can be very growly/snappy at both people and dogs when she’s on the sofa/bed/somewhere comfy and doesn’t want to be moved or disturbed. She cannot be physically moved, or she will snap. Any dogs Daisy lives with must be very tolerant and confident, but for the vast majority of the time, she adores the company of other dogs. This behaviour is improving, but she’ll probably always have her little issues, and needs a savvy home to understand her. Daisy would not suit a home with children. She loves her walks, and isnt ‘just’ a lapdog (although does love a cuddle!!). She’s fab and will blossom even more in a stable, calm, dog-savvy home.