**ADOPTED** Darcy

Darcy is a beautiful brindle Staffy cross around 5 yrs old who could not be more deserving of finding her own ‘happy ever after’. She sadly spent over 2 long years in a stray pound through no fault of her own, but is now living in a foster home where she settled in straight away and is the perfect house guest. She is fully housetrained, doesn’t chew, is quiet and is totally fine to be left for a few hours so would be a suitable dog for a family who worked. She loves having a cuddle and curling up in her bed (she even gets herself under her duvet to be extra cosy!). She LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball and zoom around! She walks really well on the lead and doesn’t pull at all, but due to spending such a long time in stressful noisy kennels, she is reactive around other dogs, which is a work in progress and she needs to find an understanding owner who is willing to be patient and confident with Darcy to carry on her progress learning to be tolerant and calm around other dogs. She needs to be the only pet and walked in quiet areas where she won’t encounter off lead dogs, she wears a muzzle when out. She must have access to a very secure garden. Darcy is a really special girl with so much love to give – it is so unfair she’s had to spend such a long time in kennels, can you give her a chance??