**ADOPTED** FUDGE – little sweetie pie needs understanding home


Name: Fudge

Age: 10-12 months approx

Sex: Female

Breed: Cross breed

Size: Small – Medium

Dogs? : No

Children? : Possibly

Fudge is a very sweet little cross breed girl with huge ears! She is only very young. Fudge is lovely around the house and is calm and quite placid – she isn’t too in your face or giddy. She is housetrained and can be left for a few hours with no problems although would prefer company – she loves nothing more than curling up for snuggles! Fudge has sadly had to come back into our care after being adopted 3 months ago. She happily lived with another dog up until then but had recently started reacting badly to other dogs when out which her new family felt they could not cope with. As this is such a sudden change in behaviour, we feel it is very workable but she will need muzzling when out for now until she settles down again. She is a VERY bright, intelligent little girl and will thrive with an experienced owner. She is fine with cats and has lived with cats. This little lady is an absolute darling and desperately needs to be given guidance to help her onto the right path again.