**ADOPTED** HATTIE – teeny tiny, laid back older girlie


Hattie is a tiny little Staffie, she has really short little legs bless her. Hattie is 11 years old, but she’s still very much full of life! She’s a brilliant little character, and is very well behaved. Hattie is perfect around the house – she’s fully housetrained and fine to be left for a few hours, she sleeps downstairs at night without a peep. She still really enjoys her walks, and walks lovely on the lead. Hattie loves to snooze the day away on a nice comfy bed/sofa (she does snore a bit!!). She seems wary of cats, but shows no aggression to them, so we think with careful introductions, she could live with dog savvy cats. She would probably be best as the only dog in the home, or with a calm male after good introductions. Hattie really is a little gem, she’s a perfect companion who really is faultless around the house, and is great to walk.