**RESERVED** JESS – little older Terrier looking for love



Jess has a really sad story to tell, this is her write up from her lovely fosterers: 

Jess came to us when her owner fell ill. Unable to care for her, we’ve taken on fostering her and have learned that this sweet little lady with a penchant for cuddles and naps has had a rough go. Her first owner purchased Jess from a breeder when she was a puppy. At the age of three, she suffered her first trauma. Neighbours noticed that Jess was barking a great deal and she seemed to be home alone. Jess’s person had in fact died, and she was locked in the home with him for four days. She went on to live with her second family, but things weren’t that great there either. Jess’s human suffered from several illnesses and he wasn’t able to take care of themselves or her very well, so she is now in foster looking for her forever home. 

She’s got a bit of anxiety, but who could blame her? She loves to hide under blankets by our side on the couch, and every night she sneaks into bed and curls up under the duvet. She’s got a bit of a bark when something scares her, but a quick hug and kiss she calms down again.  She’s brilliant at letting you know when she needs out! She does the patented “Business Time” dance, where she sits back on her bum and rocks back and forth. After three weeks at our house, she’s already become a calmer, happier dog. We sincerely feel like once she’s settled into her forever home she’ll bloom.

 Despite her anxiety, she does really well with our American Bulldog cross, Penny! They’re not best friends, but I think it’s because Penny is an energetic, larger dog, and Jess just wants to snuggle nap, and chase the occasional ball. We feel Jess would be fine with other dogs (when introduced properly,) cats, and other animals. We have two house rabbits and she’s shown no interest in chasing, biting, or rough housing with them. From what we know, she’s not great with small kids, but 6 years and over would be fine.