**ADOPTED** LINNEY – lovely little well behaved Staffy


Linney is a very lovely little Staffy girl who is 6 years old. She is a smaller sized Staffy and is a little bit plump at the moment! Linney has a lovely nature and is very friendly, not too giddy and is quite calm, she loves her cuddles! She doesn’t seem phased by anything and takes everything in her stride. She is no bother around other dogs and has seen a cat on her walks and just walked past. Linney walks nicely on the lead and travels fine in the car. She is almost certainly housetrained and could probably be left for a few hours a day. Our vet thinks she has suffered from bad ear infections in the past, as she has had her inner ears sewn up – she does have small holes for her to hear out of, but doesn’t have full hearing, not that this affects her in any way! Linney really is a little star and really deserves to be snoozing in a a comfy warm bed in her forever home soon.