**ADOPTED** MAISIE – sweet little JRT who loves everything



Maisie is a very sweet Jack Russell who is 2 years old. She is a real little star who is fab with everyone she meets, great with children and loves other dogs! She hasn’t been around cats, but doesn’t show no interest in them when out and about. Maisie is calm around the house, is totally housetrained and loves her cuddles! She also loves to sleep under the duvet with you! Maisie does pull on the lead initially, but after she’s burnt off some energy this improves, but could do with some more training in this area. She’s a very quick learner, and would love to carry on her training. Maisie is quite nervous in the car and can get a bit travel sick at the moment. She would love a home where she will get lots of company, ideally with another dog as she gets on really well with them.