**ADOPTED** MEG – perfect little family dog, loves children

Meg is a very sweet little Staffy cross Jack Russell who is around 4 years old. She adores children of all ages (from babies upwards) and is so friendly with everyone she meets. She really does need to live with children in her forever home as she loves them so much. Meg is perfect around the house – she’s totally housetrained and fine to be left for a few hours and happily sleeps downstairs at night. Meg has plenty of energy and needs at least 2 walks a day – her favourite thing is to play fetch with her tennis ball! Meg is fine with confident cats who will put her in her place if she chases them, and has happily lived with cats previously once initial cat/dog relations were established (the cat must be boss of Meg!). We think she’s had a bad experience with another dog in the past as she is fine with dogs who are friendly with her, but any dog who growls or isn’t keen on her she will retaliate. She is much happier having nothing to do with other dogs and will ignore them if they ignore her, and would be happiest living as the only dog. She can be a bit of an escape artist so needs a very secure garden and doors need to be kept shut so she doesn’t sneak out! She gets very over excited and vocal in the car and will need some work to get her used to travelling (we can be on hand to give advice in this area for her new family). Meg is a perfect family dog and will fit in brilliantly with an active family who love being out in the great outdoors.