Teeny tiny little Mitzi is a Chi x JRT around 2 yrs old and is cute as a button! She is looking for a special, very understanding, patient home who will give her all the time and gentle training she needs as she is currently petrified of being picked up and having a collar/lead on – she will scream if she thinks she is being picked up and runs away and hides at the sight of a collar, which is heartbreaking. On her own terms she is so full of love and absolutely loves having a cuddle, play and tummy tickles. She is so well behaved around the house and is fully housetrained, doesn’t chew and is happy to be left for a few hours with no problems at all. Mitzi can be a little madam around other dogs when it comes to sharing attention – she is bossy and definitely ‘top dog’ – she could live with a very laid back dog (ideally male), but would be happy as the only dog too. Due to her fear of being handled, she isn’t suitable to live with children and will need direct access to a very secure garden. In the right hands, we know this little sweetie will blossom and can overcome her fears, but she will need lots of time and patience. Our behaviourist will be on hand for as much advice and support as needed to help Mitzi.