**ADOPTED** PICKLE – adorable, full of fun 6 month old puppy

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Pickle is a totally adorable 6 month old female Crossbreed puppy. She weighs 14kg and will probably be medium in size when she’s fully grown. She is a really unusual chocolate colour, has amazing big ears, and is quite slender in build. Pickle is reeeeally friendly with everyone she meets – she’s a confident little girl and wiggles her whole bum when she sees anyone! She’s very much still a puppy, and is in the mouthing stage at the moment, she does chew on your hands if you let her get away with it! Because of this, we think she would be best suited to a home with teenage children upwards. Pickle has been very friendly with all dogs she has met since being with us – she would probably do well living with another dog or 2 who she can learn some manners from. She is VERY bright and intelligent – she is really attentive to her handler, especially if there are treats involved, so she will be fantastic to train, and would be great learning lots of tricks, or something like agility. She will have bundles of energy, so an active home with plenty of time for her is a must! Pickle is great in the car, and does try to stay clean in her kennel, so we think she’ll be on her way to being housetrained. Pickle really is a little cracker and we would love to see her in a home very soon.