**ADOPTED** TEGAN – dinky, loving young giddy girlie

IMG_1798 IMG_1765

Meet Tegan! Tegan is the cutest very little (13kg) Staffy cross (possibly Jack Russell or Patterdale) girly who is only around 18 months old. She still acts very young and puppy like, so may be even younger. Tegan LOVES everyone she meets and gives loads of kisses and cuddles. She does jump up at the minute and even jumps right into your arms if you let her! For this reason we think she’d be best living with older kids as she may knock little ones over. Tegan hasn’t got a bad bone in her body, she’s just so sweet! She seems really friendly around other dogs, we haven’t seen how she is around cats yet. She doesn’t seem to be much of a chewer, but may cry if she’s left on her own for long to begin with until she’s settled. She may also need some help with her housetraining. Tegan is a brilliant little girl who is so bright and intelligent – she will make a fantastic dog for an active family who can spend plenty of time with her.