‘Baby’ Bertie is THE most gorgeous 8-9 month old XL Bully cross. He is a (not so!) little star who loves everyone and everything. Bertie came to us as a stray in terrible condition, but is doing great in his foster home. Bertie can live with a friendly female dog, but does like to play quite rough, so any dog he lived with would have to be happy to play – he would be too much for older dogs. He is great with children, and can be rehomed with children aged 6+. Bertie is housetrained, crate trained, travels well and is fine to be left for a few hours at a time. He is a bit of a ‘barker’ and will do his big boy bark at things he hears when he’s in the house/garden – but he’s a total softie! Bertie has recently had surgery on both of his back legs to correct luxating patellas (kneecaps) – the surgery went well and it will mean that he can live a pain free life in the future, but we do need potential adopters to be aware that he will most likely never be a hugely active dog who could manage very long walks, so he isn’t for the joggers/hikers of the world. He’ll still love a good walk though! We would also recommend that he starts on joint supplements as a preventative measure for his joints earlier than ‘normal’, and he may develop arthritis at an earlier age than most dogs, which will need management. Bertie would need non-slip flooring to walk on, so any laminate flooring etc would need runners/rugs/mats down in high traffic areas where he would be walking, so he can grip better when walking, which will really help prevent any damage to his knees. He really is the most amazing young boy who deserves the absolute world after his horrific start to life – in true Bully style, he hasn’t held his past against anyone, and has a fantastic temperament.