**ADOPTED** CLOVER – sweet, playful puppy


Clover is a very sweet, friendly medium sized Crossbreed puppy who has just turned 6 months old. She is probably a Labrador type cross, but she is a real mixed breed! Clover is a typical puppy, full of fun and a little bit cheeky! She is very well behaved for her age and is housetrained, happy in a crate and can be left for a few hours. She is in puppy chewing mode at the moment, so will need crating when left on her own! She is fine with other dogs, but does guard her food/toys from other dogs, she would be OK living with a more submissive male dog as long as fed seperately for the time being. She is absolutely fine with cats. Clover is still getting used to walking on the lead, so is a little nervous out on her walks at the moment, but picks things up very quickly so will be confident and used to a lead in no time! She will need a home with a decent sized secure garden and a family who have the time for carrying on with her training. She’ll make a fantastic family dog in the right home.