Honey is only around 18 months old and is the most gorgeous playful, loveable Crossbreed. She is around 30kg in weight. Honey loves everyone she meets! She is great around the house and can be left alone for a few hours with no issues. She gets super excited to see other dogs, and people when she is out on her walks, which does need a bit of work as she needs to learn that not everyone wants to say hi to her! She has been fine when she’s met other dogs, and may be able to live with a well matched larger breed neutered male dog. Honey can be rehomed with children aged 10+. She is strong on lead and this is her main area that she needs some training with, but we are sure that she will learn quickly. The reason she is quite so excited to be out is that she has been recovering from an operation to repair a torn cruciate ligament in her leg, so she’s been on short lead walks only and is desperate to be off running! She’s doing great, and has around another month to go until her walks can be increased, but we want to look at getting her settled into a permanent home now that she’s well on the road to recovery.