**adopted** JESS – stunning 11 month old GSD

Jess is an absolutely stunning black/tan German Shepherd who is just 11 months old. She is a typical GSD puppy who has tons of energy and needs a GSD experienced home who can give her the direction and further training she needs. Jess is very friendly, with humans and other dogs. She is not cat tested. She has already learnt many of her basic commands, and is very responsive and obedient, but really needs to carry on with her training as she’s such an intelligent dog. She is very bouncy at the moment, she has sadly come to us from a home where she has had barely any exercise for quite a while now, so she is brimming with energy. She jumps up a lot and can be a little mouthy, but no malice at all. After her initial excitement at the start of a walk, she walks nicely on lead, doesn’t react to traffic/cyclists etc and is very keen to focus her attention on her handler. She does get over excited when she sees other dogs and barks, which needs some work. Off lead, she has very good recall, but this has not been tested with distractions around! As Jess is big and bouncy, she cannot be rehomed with children under 15, although she is very friendly with children, we wouldn’t want her knocking little ones over. She would probably do well living with a larger breed male who can show her the ropes. She needs a home with a very secure, decent sized garden where she will not be left alone for long periods. Jess is housetrained and travels very well in the car. Jess is the most amazing dog, who has SO much potential, she really deserves a 5* committed home after being passed around between homes in her short life so far.