**ADOPTED** KANE – big, soft goofball puppy LOVES everyone!

12179550_10101326456777392_917008702_n IMG_3788

Kane is an absolutely adorable big, daft lad – he is only around 10-12 months old and is a big boy and very puppy like. We can’t decide what breeds he is – some angles he looks very Dane like, possibly some Boxer or American Bulldog!? Whatever he is, he is gorgeous and has such a lovely squishy face with big floppy ears!! Kane is a really friendly very innocent big softie, he is very clumsy and doesn’t know how big he is at all – he will try to climb on your knee for cuddles! He LOVES to play with his toys – especially squeaky ones! He does get over excited quickly and can chew his lead a bit when he gets giddy at the start of a walk, but he is quite easily corrected away from this. He loves other dogs and has happily lived with an older large female dog who kept him in check when he got too silly! He would do well living with another dog for companionship. He is also great around children. Kane is housetrained also travels well in the car. Sadly he has been passed around a lot growing up, so he needs someone at home most of the day for him. He’s in puppy chewing mode as well, so be prepared to puppy-proof your house! He will grow out of this, and is just desperate for stability.

PLEASE fill in a pre adoption questionnaire on our website if you can give Kane the forever home he really does deserve, he’s an amazing boy!