**ADOPTED** LILY – Stunning young Husky


Lily is a stunning 2 year old Husky who came into rescue with us from a stray pound. She is now living in a foster home with 3 other Huskies and is doing really well. She’s a really friendly girl with a lovely temperament. Lily really enjoys playing with the resident dogs in her foster home, they’ve had the occasional disagreement when working out the pecking order initially, but now she’s much more settled. She is quite vocal when she’s travelling, but again this is improving the more she gets used to being in a car. It’s clear she’s not had much in the way of training or time spent with her before arriving with us, but is doing really well learning manners and commands such as ‘watch me’ (she can be a little ignorant at the minute!). She’s been around children aged 5 upwards and has been very well behaved around them. Lily would really benefit from a home who know and love her breed – she’s brilliant, and deserves a home where she can have plenty of time spent with her, carrying on her training and lots of TLC!