Lucas is the sweetest boy you could meet. He is around 18 months old and is a large sized Crossbreed (Lab size with long legs!). Lucas can be shy with new people at first, but soon turns into a big playful puppy who is all paws and play bows! Lucas loves all other dogs, and MUST be rehomed with another dog for companionship – a dog medium sized and up would be ideal, so he can have some proper rough and tumble play! Lucas doesn’t know much in the way of formal commands, so would really benefit from some training classes. He’s not really used to walking on the lead, and can be a bit nervous, but he is getting better – he now needs to understand he’s on a lead and can’t do zoomies when he gets to any grass when he’s on the lead! He can be left alone for a few hours, but the more company the better for this big pupster. He needs direct access to a fully secure, decent sized garden ideally in a quiet area. Lucas needs a calm, loving, home with previous dog experience who can further his training, build his confidence in areas and make sure he matures into a well rounded, happy boy.