**ADOPTED** NANCY – big softie! Great round the house, great with dogs


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Nancy is an absolutely gorgeous large sized crossbreed who is around 2 years old. We don’t know what she’s crossed with – maybe some American Bulldog, Akita and Mastiff?! She is super friendly with everyone she meets and is a big chunk of love with a larger than life personality! Nancy is great around the house – she is fully housetrained, is quiet, knows not to chew anything she shouldn’t and is fine to be left for a few hours. She also travels well in the car. As Nancy is a large dog, she can be strong on the lead when she wants to get somewhere, but she actually walks very nicely on the lead especially when kept in check. She is great with other dogs, and would love a playmate in her new home – a larger breed male would be best as she is clumsy and would be too much for smaller dogs! She has such a brilliant personality and loves everyone she meets – Nancy will make a perfect dog for a family who have some experience with large breeds.