Adorable Nelly and her big brown eyes are looking for love. She is a small American Bulldog (slightly built) who is only 20 months old. Nelly has sadly already had a litter in her young life, and missed out on her own puppyhood, so she needs to find an understanding and experienced home who can put in all the training and socialisation that she has missed out on. She is very nervous initially, and is very unsure of men, but will come round with men with the help of some tasty treats and patience. Nelly is very food motivated, and very trainable! When she has gained her confidence, she is very puppy like and playful… and LOVES her cuddles and affection! She is housetrained, but will have a few accidents in the first few days as she settles. Nelly is very settled and quiet in her kennel, but when in a foster home, showed signs of seperation anxiety and was vocal when she was left alone, so she will need a home who have plenty of time for her, and a training plan put in place to help her settle when alone (we will put you in touch with a behaviourist to help with this). She is unsure of other dogs, most likely due her past having a litter so young, so she’ll need a pet free home. She really is the most special young girl who is so, so sweet and deserves the world after what she’s been through in her short life so far.