Paddy is a lovely, friendly big softie who is looking for a home who will give him all the love and attention he deserves having had a very tough start to life. He was found as a stray in very poor health covered in scars and very underweight. He is now fit and well and getting stronger by the day! He is Labrador type size who around 8 yrs old and weighs around 32kg so he is a big lad. He is friendly with everyone he meets and rolls on his back for tummy rubs, even at the vets! He can be bouncy and boisterous, so isn’t suitable to live with children under 12. Paddy loves to play with his toys and loves a game of fetch with his beloved tennis ball. He is brilliant around the house and once settled he is housetrained and is fine to be left for around 5 hrs and absolutely loves having cuddles on the sofa! He loves going in the car and travels really well. Unfortunately he clearly has not been walked much and isn’t great on the lead at the moment – he is a bit ‘all over the place’ and can be VERY strong when he pulls, so he needs a strong, confident handler used to bigger breeds to walk him safely. He cannot be let off the lead, unless in totally secure areas. He pulls towards other dogs and sometimes has a bark – he definitely does not like other Male dogs, or dogs who are confrontational to him, but we have had him walking with a calm female dog. He will definitely need to live as the only pet and walked in quiet areas away from other dogs. Paddy is such a lovely, special dog and will make his new family very lucky indeed. He really deserves a chance after such a bad start to life.