**ADOPTED** ROCCO 2 – big, soft young Rottweiler x Mastiff






Rocco is a fantastic 12 month old Rottweiler x Mastiff in URGENT need of a foster/forever home!! He is a total big softie and is very friendly! As you can imagine, he is bouncy and has tons of energy, so needs a home who are used to large breeds and can give him the exercise he needs. Rocco has definitely had some training – he knows sit, lie down and gives his paws, even ‘begs’! He is very eager to please and will be a very loyal companion. Rocco is great with other dogs, but as he’s so young and has spent a long time in stray kennels, he is very full on and is too much for some dogs. He would do well living with a large breed female who will give him some rules and boundaries! He is strong on the lead and will need a strong handler, he would do well learning how to walk on a halti type head collar for better control of him on walks. With the right amount of exercise, his lead walking will improve hugely. As Rocco is big and bouncy, he cannot live with children under 14 as he may bowl little ones over. He will need a very secure garden with someone where he will not be left for long periods. Rocco will make the most fantastic dog in the right family who have experience with large breeds and can continue his training and socialisation.