**ADOPTED** ROXY – Adorable 8 month old, fantastic with other dogs!

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Roxy is an absolutely gorgeous girl who is only 8 months old and still very puppy like! She is currently medium to large in size (23kg) and will probably grow a little bit more. We think she’s a Rottie cross Staffy, possibly with some Lab in there as well. She is SO friendly and loves everybody – a bit too much at the minute, she needs to learn a few manners! She’s a very bright girl and knows plenty of commands already, she’s very into her food and she will be great to carry on with training. Roxy is brilliant with other dogs, she’s currently in a foster home with a male dog around her size, she loves him and they play non stop! She’s also living with a cat, she does chase the cat, but only to play, so she could possibly live with a confident cat. She is housetrained and travels well in the car. As she’s young and can play quite rough, we wouldn’t want her to live with younger children, she’d be fine with kids over 12. Roxy is brilliant and will make a fantastic family dog!

**Please fill in a pre adoption questionnaire on our website if you can offer Roxy her forever home**