**ADOPTED** SCOOBY – daft 10 month old quirky big lad!



Scooby is a big, daft 10 month old gorgeous and very unusual looking Crossbreed (we really can’t tell what he’s crossed with!) – he looks a lot like Scooby Doo, hence the name! He is super friendly and sweet, and as he’s so young, he can be very excitable and silly. He will need a home with no children under 16 due to his bouncy nature. Scooby is totally housetrained, fine to be left for a few hours and settles down well at night time (he loves his bed!). He loves to play with his toys and could run around with a ball for hours! He knows sit, and loves to give his paw for a treat! Sadly it seems Scooby hasn’t been socialised much with the outside world as he’s been growing up, so a lot of things scare him when he’s out on a walk and he is easily spooked. He isn’t really used to being on a lead, so this side of his training needs to be started from back to basics. He is scared of traffic on walks, and things like bags blowing in the wind spook him. Scooby will need a patient and experienced home who can dedicate the time and effort he needs in socialising him with the outside world, as he’s so young, he will pick things up quickly, but it will take time and he will not be ‘easy’. He really has so much potential and is such a gorgeous boy who is crying out to find that family who will give him the confidence he needs, but also a very firm but fair hand to keep him in check as he does push boundaries at times and gets over excited. He seems to be OK around other dogs, and a confident larger breed female as a role model may be really beneficial for him.