**ADOPTED** BUDDY – gorgeous young, loveable boy

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Buddy is an absolutely gorgeous 12 month old Staffy cross, he is smaller in size than his pictures make him look – he’s around Staffy size, but not as chunky and with floppier ears! He has been a real pleasure to look after since arriving in our care and no trouble at all. As Buddy is still very young, he loves to play and will happily chuck his toys around for ages having a great time! He’s also quite bouncy at times, but is actually very well behaved and quite calm for his age. He is housetrained and will be fine to be left for a few hours once settled into his new home. Buddy seems to get along well with other dogs, but would probably be a bit too playful and full on for older dogs! He walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car. He came to us with a nasty ear infection, ear and skin allergy problems are very common with white dogs like Buddy, and we would recommend he is fed a good quality grain free hypoallergenic food in his new home (he isn’t fussy and currently happily eats dry Simpsons food). Buddy really is a fantastic dog and deserves a 5* home.