**ADOPTED** DOUGAL – gorgeous, active young Labrador cross Patterdale


Dougal is an absolutely gorgeous 18 month old Lab, patterdale, spaniel type crossbreed. He has many terrier characteristics and has LOADS of energy!! He is a very clever dog who needs a LOT of stimulation to keep his mind busy!! 

Dougal is great around the house – fully housetrained and, once settled, should be fine to be left for a few hours. He has shown a little separation anxiety recently and when feeling slightly anxious, will bark. He would be more suited to someone who is around for most of the day. He is currently happily living in a foster home with 2 female Springer Spaniels and with proper introduction, he would be happy to live with another, ideally older and calmer, female dog. In the house, he loves to play with toys and is very responsive to treats. He has learnt the sit, down, wait, here and stop commands, which we are currently trying to take out in to open spaces, although other distractions at the minute are getting the upper hand! He loves to have a cuddle, ideally on your knee, but will go and lay on his bed when asked. He enjoys spending his time outside in the garden. He will need a VERY secure garden – ideally at least 6 foot fencing as he is an escape artist!Dougal really is the most beautiful boy with the biggest, softest brown eyes. He needs a patient and understanding home who has the time to give a little extra training to get that dog/human bond. He has SO much potential, and for the right family, he will make the most fantastic dog.