Indy is a gorgeous Shar Pei who is 10 years young! He is a lovely boy with lots of character who is looking for a home who know all about his breed and their quirks. Indy is aloof and not interested in people he doesn’t know – he’s not reactive with it, but wouldn’t want over-handling by a stranger! When he knows you, he gets giddy and play bows and does a little spin when he sees you! Indy struggles with his skin, and has sadly not had proper vet treatment in his past life, so his sight and hearing aren’t a great, but that doesn’t affect him and he’s still full of life. He can be grumbly having his ears cleaned/eye drops in, so wears a muzzle in the vets, but once he trusts you he will let you do this without any trouble. Indy is spotlessly clean and fully housetrained. He also doesn’t chew. He LOVES his walks and really enjoys being out and about sniffing and pottering about. He’s great to walk and enjoys being on a long line/extendable lead for a bit more freedom. Indy is fine with other dogs, but not cats! He’s such a lovely boy who will need some time to bond with a new owner, but will be very loyal when he does. If you have previous Shar Pei experience and can offer Indy his forever home, please get in touch.