**ADOPTED** OSCAR – gorgeous young lad, great with dogs

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Oscar is a gorgeous, very handsome young Staffy who is 2-3 years old. He is a really friendly boy and loves everyone he meets (typical Staffy!!). He has grown up around children, but is TOO friendly with everyone to live with children – he has a habit of jumping up and nipping when he’s excited, so he can’t live with children – there is absolutely no aggression with it, but he does need a firm hand and training to stop his over excitement. He is fantastic around other dogs, but again, very full on, and needs to be put in his place by other dogs – he does well living with a dog who will tell him how to behave, a more dominant female would be great for him. Oscar has lots of energy and would love an active home where he will get plenty of walks! In the house he is¬†generally really well behaved – fully housetrained and he loves to snooze in his bed! Once settled in, he will be fine to be left on his own for a few hours. Oscar really is a brilliant dog who charms everyone he meets – he really needs to find a home ASAP so he can settle down and relax.