**ADOPTED** RORY – shy, sweet little boy

Rory is a very sweet, shy little boy who is around 10 months old. He is very submissive and rolls on his back a lot, he has most certainly not had a good start to life, but it’s all upwards for him now. Rory is friendly with other dogs, and would benefit from living with another dog to help his confidence. He loves to curl up in a comfy bed – he may never have had one before. He also LOVES toys, in particular pulling the stuffing out of teddys!! He tries to stay clean in his kennel, and will be OK to be left for a few hours during the day. Rory isn’t used to walking on a lead, he will get scared and roll over on his back, but with gentle encouragement and a bit of time and patience he will soon learn that walks are fun and nothing to be scared of.