**ADOPTED** TEDDY – adorable, gentle and calm young boy

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Introducing Teddy, a very sweet, gorgeous Staffy boy who is only approx 10 months old. He has a lovely nature and is very calm, especially given his age! He loves to be close to you and have cuddles. Teddy walks perfectly on the lead and doesn’t pull at all. Teddy doesn’t seem like he has seen much of the big wide world yet and¬†doesn’t really seem to know much about interacting with toys, hopefully now he’s with us he will soon learn toys are fun to play with! Teddy has walked with a couple of dogs at kennels with no issues at all – he gets on well with Willoughby! When he comes¬†across other dogs that he hasn’t had chance to meet when he is out, he is unsure of how to act and needs calm reassurance to show him that they are no threat to him. Teddy really is such a sweet young man who will do so well in a caring family who will show him the way and bring him out of his shell a little bit.