**ADOPTED** TEDDY – sweet little Border Terrier

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Teddy is a very lovely (and very cute!) little 6 year old Border Terrier who has recently found himself in our care. We are not totally sure of his background, but think he may have been kept outside at some point in his past. He has a lovely nature and is quite calm, he likes to roll on his back for belly rubs. Teddy walks quite nicely on the lead, but cannot be let off lead until he’s had some training in this area – he is a terrier and will be off trying to chase things!! Teddy gets on fine with other dogs, and would be happy to live with other dogs of a more calm nature. We are looking for a reasonably active home for Teddy with a very secure garden where he will get plenty of company. He does need a little help with his housetraining, so will need an understanding and patient home. He’s a truly lovely little dog and deserves the best from now on.