**ADOPTED** VINNIE – full of character, young gorgeous Staffy

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Meet Vinnie! Vinnie is only around 18 months old, and has SO much love to give his new family! He is full of character and is such a cute, fussy young boy who just loves everyone! His tongue always pokes out a little bit when he’s sleeping, which is very cute! Vinnie has obviously had a very unsettled start to his life so far, which can make him quite anxious when he’s left on his own, but once settled in a home, he would be fine to be left for 2-3 hours. He LOVES attention, he’s a quite a cheeky young man with such a brilliant character! He is friendly around other dogs, but can be quite full on, so possibly best as the only dog, or with a confident dog! Vinnie is really friendly around children, and would be fine with kids over around 5. He doesn’t really like travelling in the car at the moment, but this is something he could hopefully get used to gradually. He is also quite strong on the lead at the moment, but this is definitely something that can be worked on in his new home. He has tons of energy and loves to play, so an active home for Vinnie would be perfect. He is now housetrained, and once settled, he will be such a fantastic and loyal companion. Vinnie is really sad being in kennels, so we are desperate to find him a home who love their Staffys as soon as possible!!