**ADOPTED** DAISY – sweet, wiggly 10 month old girly loves other dogs


Daisy is a very sweet 10 month old puppy who is small-medium in size (she weighs 16kg). She loves everyone she meets and when she sees new people her whole body wiggles! She can be nervous around some men, so we think she may have had some bad experiences around men before coming to us. Daisy has such a lovely nature and loves being around other dogs, she’s also lived with cats before – she will chase them to try and play, so could live with confident cats but would be too much for shy/nervous cats. She’s still very puppy like, and can jump up (she loves to give lots of kisses!), she would be best around older children as she may knock little ones over. Daisy generally walks very nicely on the lead and is great in the car. She’s well behaved and quiet, and is fine to be left for a few hours as long as she has toys to occupy her. She loves a comfy bed to snooze in! Daisy may need some help with housetraining to begin with, she’s nearly there, but will probably have accidents to begin with. Daisy has been checked over by our vet and is in good health, she does have ‘wonky’ front legs, which our vets has said are just the way she was born and she is not in any pain with them. It does make her walk slightly funny, and means her front claws will need trimming more often, she may be at risk of developing arthritis later in life, which can be managed quite easily if needed (this isn’t something that will happen any time soon for her, but we want to make future families aware for when Daisy is getting older).