**ADOPTED** ELLA – playful, full of fun 8-10 month old crossbreed puppy!

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Ella is an adorable 8-10 month old crossbreed puppy who is desperate for a home. She is black and white and medium in size with quite a slender build. As Ella is such a young dog, she is full of energy and bright as a button! She absolutely loves to run and play, she could play with her toys all day! Ella obviously absolutely loves her walks and will make a great walking/running buddy. Once initial excitement has died down, she walks ok on the lead but she would do well with some further training. When she gets a bit over excited on walks she sometimes tries to play tug with the lead, but it will be very easy to get her out of this little habit. She also LOVES food, so will be great to train! She is generally really friendly with other dogs, but as she’s a puppy, she is very playful and too much for some dogs. Some more socialisation around other dogs would be great for her. Ella is so bright and eager to please, she has tons of potential and is desperate for a chance.