**ADOPTED** RUBY – gorgeous golden oldie Cocker Spaniel needs retirement home

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Meet Ruby! Ruby is a very lovely 9-10 year old small blue roan Cocker Spaniel. She is sadly in rescue due to the very ill health of her previous owner. Ruby is currently happily living in a foster home with 3 other dogs who she is absolutely no bother around at all. She doesn’t really interact with other dogs, so would also be fine as the only dog in the house. Ruby has such a lovely nature and is the softest little girl you could meet. She loves her cuddles and rolls on her back for tummy rubs! Once settled, her personality shines through which is great to see! She is a little bit cheeky and likes to be spoilt! She loves her food and loves her walks, she can only manage quite short walks at the moment, but gets really excited when she knows she’s going for a walk and has a bark in excitement! Unfortunately Ruby does have some ongoing issues with her eyes, she has had an untreated eye condition called ‘dry eye’ for some time, which has caused her to go almost completely blind. She does need daily inexpensive treatment for her eyes, which she is completely fine with. Ruby is also deaf, but copes amazingly well and has an amazing sense of smell, so she gets around really well once she’s found her bearings. She does need to be kept on lead when out as she can trot off and get confused where she is bless her. Ruby does try to stay clean in the house, but she has quite a few accidents indoors and needs encourage my to toilet outside – we would like to find her a home with an enclosed mainly flat garden where she can regular access to help her toileting. Ruby is so well behaved around the house, she sleeps downstairs without a peep, and is fine to be left for a few hours (although does love company!!). She really does have the most gorgeous nature and deserves to find her very own retirement home where she can have all the pampering she deserves!