**ADOPTED** LILY – loving Bassett x Springer girly, great with cats

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Lily is a fantastic girl with so much character! She is around 3-4 years old and is a Basset cross Springer Spaniel! Lily is currently living in a foster home and has settled very well. She’s really well behaved around the house and absolutely loves her cuddles! She is happily living with a cat, and also mixes well with other dogs. When she first meets dogs, she can be quite excited and really wants to run and play bless her. She can be quite strong on the lead at times, especially when she gets the scent of something she wants to sniff! She also travels well in the car. Lily isn’t a massively high energy dog, but does very much enjoy her walks so a reasonably active home for her would be great. She much prefers to have plenty of company during the day, so needs a home where she will not be left for very long. She is quite a vocal young lady and lets you know if someone is at the door, but she’s a big softie who loves having a fuss and loads of attention!