**ADOPTED** PATSY – roly poly older dog/cat friendly girl

Patsy is a very lovely roly poly Staffy Crossbreed – possibly Staffy/Mastiff type. She weighs around 33kg, but does need to lose a few pounds bless her! Patsy was found abandoned in a park, with just her beloved tennis ball, which she didn’t want to leave behind. She had some big lumps that she needed vet care for, but we are delighted to say that she now has a clean bill of health and is ready to find her dream retirement home! She seems to get on well with other dogs and seems OK with cats, she does show a bit of interest in cats but no aggression, but it would have to be a confident cat who won’t be scared of having a dog around. Patsy loves pottering around the garden with her toys, she loves her walks but as she’s a bit stiff on her legs due to her age she doesn’t want to go too far – a few 20 min walks a day would be great for her. She is housetrained and doesn’t chew, she can be left for a few hours but prefers as much company as she can get! She would be best in a quieter home where she can settle into a good routine as she’s a bit confused at the minute with all the changes in her life bless her. IF YOU CAN OFFER PATSY HER DREAM RETIREMENT HOME PLEASE FILL OUT A PRE ADOPTION FORM ON OUR WEBSITE!