**ADOPTED** STAR – little Staffy brilliant with children

Little Star the Staffy is such a cutie with a fantastic temperament, but and was heartbreakingly found abandoned – aged 13 – tied up to a tree. Star is fantastic with children and is living in a foster home with children of all ages. She is great around the house and still loves to play with her toys, loves her walks, but also loves to snooze – the perfect little dog! Star is OK out and about with other dogs if they are OK with her, but does not want to share her home, so needs to be the only pet. She walks really nicely on the lead and really enjoys getting out, but isn’t going to need loads of exercise. Star can be left on her own for a few hours with no problems, is housetrained and no trouble at all. Definitely a little superstar who really deserves someone to fall in love with her and give her a loving retirement home – please don’t overlook her due to her age, she’s in great health (and has had a few teeth out and a scale and polish so she’s as good as new!) and has sooo much love to give.