**ADOPTED** PHOENIX – stunning young Akita needs understanding home


Phoenix is an 18 month old Japanese Akita Cross. He has been living with his foster family for around 9 months who have worked hard with Phoenix to gain basic training. He has grown massively in confidence and has come on leaps and bounds. Phoenix was rescued from an abusive household at a young age. Because of this he can be wary of strangers especially men, and it takes a while to gain his trust. Despite his history he has never shown any signs of aggression towards people, however can be quite vocal when meeting new people. Due to his past,Phoenix has separation anxiety & cannot be left for long periods of time as it can cause him to become upset. Under no circumstance should he be crated even for training purposes due to his past experiences before rescue.

He is a very affectionate, loving dog with a fantastic temperament who loves cuddles & attention. He will happily cuddle up on the sofa or sit on your knee. He enjoys being around people he is familiar with very much. He can become excited when family members come home and tends to wee and jump up, watch out!

Phoenix walks with a harness and tends to pull a lot, he becomes excitable when passing another dog and will bounce. He needs a strong firm handler. He has shown some on lead aggression towards other dogs, however with very familiar dogs he plays nicely, he is very bonded with his Labrador foster brother.  He should not  be let off lead unless enclosed and with dogs he is familiar with as his recall is not great and can be unpredictable with new dogs.