**ADOPTED** WILLOW – adorable, well behaved big softie

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Willow is an adorable 3 year old American Bulldog cross – she has really beautiful markings and lovely brown eyes. Willow has perfect manners around the house – she’s totally housetrained and fine to be left for a few hours. She doesn’t chew anything she shouldn’t – although likes to chew her toys! She loves a comfy bed to curl up in… and she snores!! She will bark at noises outside or knocks on the door, but means no harm at all! She is currently living in a foster home with another larger dog who she gets on brilliantly with. Willow generally walks well on the lead, but does get very excited when she sees other dogs and will pull/bark at them at the moment – this is something that can be easily worked on. She happily walks with other dogs once she’s met them, but unknown dogs are too exciting to her at the moment and she will try to get over to them if she can. She is generally a really laid back girl with a placid nature and is the most loveable big lump who will make a fantastic dog for a family who love bigger dogs.