**ADOPTED** WINSTON – the biggest softie ever!!





Meet Winston! He is certainly one in a million and has such an amazing temperament. Winston is a large sized crossbreed – nobody can decide what breeds his crossed with, possibly a Dogue de Bordeaux cross? He is brilliant with everyone and everything including dogs, cats and even guinea pigs! He is fully housetrained, doesn’t chew anything (apart from his toys!) and absolutely loves a comfy bed! Winston is very laid back, and fine to be left for a few hours – as long as he has somewhere nice to snooze, he’s happy! Winston can’t walk far at the moment as his back legs are weak and he is very unfit due to his weight, he has been checked over by our vets who have advised a strict diet and joint supplements as he may have some arthritis in his back/hips. He has a real cheeky character, is affectionate and loving and also stubborn at times – when Winston wants something he’ll let you know! He really deserves to find a new family who will carry on with his weight loss but also spoil him rotten – he is an absolute star!