**ADOPTED**BAILEY – adorable friendly, soft Crossbreed



Bailey is the most adorable medium sized Crossbreed with big floppy ears! We think he may be a Spaniel/Boxer/Pointer type mix. He is really friendly with everyone he meets and has a wonderful nature. He gets on well with other dogs and would be very happy living with another dog. We do not know how he is around cats. He generally walks quite nicely on the lead, he can pull at times, but this is easily corrected, we haven’t tested his recall off the lead yet, he does seem to follow his nose so may not be reliable off lead yet, but we are sure this is very trainable. He travels very well in the car. Bailey is very clean and tidy in his kennel, which is a good sign he will be housetrained (he may scent mark when he first goes to a new home!). He is now neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Bailey will make the most fantastic family dog – he needs a home who can give him plenty of exercise, a secure garden and where he will get plenty of company.