Walter is a super cute, quirky, very loveable 6 yr old Boston Terrier who needs to find a knowledgeable, committed and understanding home. Walt has been with us for a few months now whilst we’ve got on top of his medical issues – he has epilepsy, which is being controlled quite well with medication, but he does still have an occasional seizure. He will need his medication for life. Walter is a quirky little guy who can be very highly strung and anxious. He needs a quiet child free home where he will not be left alone until his seperation anxiety can be slowly worked on. Walter is reactive to other dogs out and about, but after intros, he is generally fine and could possibly live with a laid back female dog. No cats though! Walter loooves a cuddle and lots of company, but he can be snappy being over-handled, and needs things to be on his terms – he gets stressed out if restrained for example, especially at the vets. He is such a loyal little boy who has been badly let down in the past, and now deserves to find a family who will give him the world.