**ADOPTED** CHEWY – cheeky Lhasa, great w dogs and cats


Meet Chewy! Chewy is a 6 yr old Lhasa who is now living in a foster home while he waits to find his perfect forever home. He is a lovely boy, with lots of personality! Chewy is a friendly chap, but does like to get his own way, and will push the boundaries sometimes! He does growl, and can snap if he’s told to do something he doesn’t want to do – get off the sofa etc. But if you are firm with him and give him clear rules, he listens and realises he isn’t going to get away with bossing people about! For this reason, he cannot be rehomed with children. He is great with other dogs and also cats, he would like to live with another dog or 2 in his new home. He enjoys his walks and walks nicely on the lead. He also travels well in the car. Chewy will make a fantastic dog in the hands of an experienced owner, ideally with some experience of his breed.