**adopted** MINNIE – tiny special Yorkie

Little Minnie is an adorable teacup size Yorkshire Terrier who is 4 years old. She was sadly born with a deformity of her back legs, which means she can’t walk normally, but she has adapted amazingly and gets around fine. There isn’t much that can be done for her legs, and any new owner must be aware that she is more at risk of developing arthritis in her legs at an earlier age and she may need longer term pain relief. She is a great little character, very loving but also quite independent. She lets you know when she wants a fuss and asks to be picked up! She is great with other dogs and cats. We would like to find her a home with another very small dog who she can play with. We think a busy household with young children would be too much for her as she is a delicate little girl. Minnie hasn’t ever been out for walks, and is scared to have a collar or harness put on her, so this will need work in her new home. Despite her bad legs, she does still need small walks to build up her muscles and keep her healthy. She will also need access to a totally secure, flat garden. Minnie is housetrained, but if she isn’t let out often enough, she will toilet in the house, so regular access to a garden is a must! She will need putting out when it’s cold/rainy to toilet as she’d rather stay in the warm! Minnie is fine to be left for a few hours and sleeps downstairs at night with no problems. She is a really special little girl who deserves a 5* home who can give her all she needs from now on.